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Currently carrying out locksmith warrants with British gas, EON, N-Power. We assist the warrant officer in gaining entry when either the customer refuses or is not present under the Gas & Electricity Act 1954 - Rights of Entry.

We use non destructive entry methods so that the customer is not inconvenienced in any way. On the few occasions locks have to be drilled, as no one is 100% non destructive, we offer a key return service enabling the customer fast entry back into the property. We can even key the new lock to work from the old key.

We are fully insured and all our operatives are thoroughly vetted and checked. All of our operatives also wear PPE and stab/ballistic vests as required by some companies and undertake full risk assessments.

Our current clients include many major high street banks and building societies, property management companies, British gas, EON, N-power and many other energy companies as well as county courts and repossession agents.

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Warrant Locksmith Offers These Services:

We work with High Court Enforcement  Officers and County Court Bailiffs as well as energy company warrant officers

 We offer free friendly advice so feel free to  call with any questions

We DO NOT charge a call out charge

We DO NOT charge VAT

There are NO hidden extras with us

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